Self-Love Letter

Let’s talk about the importance of self-love. 

When was the last time you wrote a letter to yourself? When was the last time you spoke positively about yourself? Find a mirror and look at your reflection. What do you see? How do you feel about what you see? Notice every detail and understand how those details work together and make you, you. 

Do: Speak kindly to yourself. 

Listen to music and affirmations that focus on self-love, self-worth, beuty, etc.; that inspires you, that makes you feel good, that makes you feel sensual, and that makes your soul comfortable in your body. 

Recognize the importance of showering yourself with the love you deserve. Admire your strengths, your talents, and your beauty. 

Notice these things and then write them down. Place this letter in a safe place and revisit this when you’re feeling broken. 

Be kind to yourself. Heal yourself. Love yourself. 

Peace, love, and self-care, 


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