"Be Still & Know": Spirituality & Self-Care

Every day is one for gratitude and spirituality, for awareness of one’s self and one’s sacred spiritual journey.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 just happens to be my favorite biblical verse, and can be split into two powerful sentences/affirmations: 1) “Be still” and 2) “I am”. I meditate and experience a higher power through stillness, through nature, and through interaction with animals. Having been raised Southern Baptist, there will always be the belief (for me, personally) of a higher power. I tend to use Spirit/Higher Power/Universe because those particular labels feel good to my soul. 

I will admit, there is one spiritual center that I do attend (virtually, and have done so for 13 years - Unity North Atlanta (http://www.unitynorth.org and the 3-week series, The Unity Effect, is everything). Here's more information: UNA - About Us.

For me, church is sitting outside, listening to and experiencing my surroundings - feeling the sun’s warmth on my skin, listening to birds chirping, and watching nature exist brings me joy. Have you ever listened to the sounds of nature? Have you ever realized that everything is in harmony? How there is a natural rhythm to the state of being? We cannot listen to nature if we’re busy and in motion and making noise. Sit in silence and listen to how loud the world is around us. 

Church for me is also spending time with friends. Before the pandemic, almost every Sunday, I would meet with one of my best friends, Kay. We’d sit and converse in various places: a quaint tea shop or a bistro, but our favorite place for church was (you guessed it) the park. Even better is when you can dedicate time for a sisterhood trip; there is just something about spending time with your tribe and sharing dreams, hopes, fears, and goals. Even the moments of us together, sitting in the necessary (and natural) silence in conversations is inspirational. Sometimes, the silence and togetherness is all you need to rejuvenate your soul. 

Remember: your spiritual journey is your own and unique to you. Don't forget to be still and know, to relax, and to just be. 

All love, 


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