About Us

Three things we’re all about: 
Self-care, gratitude and personal evolution. 
What we want you to do:
Relax and evolve into your best self. 
Our candles are created with an intention:
To help you relax and just be. 
What we want you to remember:
Self-care is sacred and vital to your wellbeing. 
What we want you to ask yourself:
What makes you happy? What helps you re-center yourself? Take time to treat yourself. It’s okay to ignore your to-do list today. 


Yellow Butterfly Candle Company is a one-woman, black-owned, micro-manufacturer of soy blend candles in the Metro Atlanta area. Each candle is handcrafted + hand-poured in small batches to ensure you receive the best product to enhance your self-care routine. Every tin is inspected for defects; every wick is applied by hand; each block of wax is measured, cut, melted, stirred, and poured by hand - no large machinery here.
I created Yellow Butterfly Candle Company not just due to my love of candles, but because I wanted to create a product that enhances one’s self-care. For me and my tribe of close friends, self-care looks like saying no to say yes to yourself; spending time in nature; soaking in a bubble bath; reading a novel; spending quality time with loved ones; defining one's goals and creating a plan to achieve those goals; and strengthening your spirituality. That's just the edited list. 
When deciding on a company name, I knew it needed to represent happiness and evolution. My favorite color is yellow, and my favorite insect is the butterfly, so why not name my company after two things that make my happy and brings instant joy, and serve as a reminder of how I've evolved? Slight side note: whenever I visit one of my favorite parks to indulge in nature, a yellow butterfly will always flutter past, and I like to believe it’s a sign from above - from my fur baby, Houston. 
We hope to inspire you to take the time and treat yourself, love yourself, and put yourself first. Light a candle, release the stress, and express your gratitude. 
Peace, love, and self-care,

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